Project Management

MOD Engineering’s Project Managers are trained to focus on three key elements in every engineering project: planning, costs, and quality. Our specialists are provided with a set of project management tools that enable them to monitor and exceed customer expectations in these areas. From strategic and commercial implications to technical, organizational, and people management, they are all passionate about completing projects on time and on budget.

Each phase of our project process ensures compliance with regulatory standards, eases unnecessary costs and risks, and effectively manages both resources and tight deadlines.

Here are the areas we cover:

  • Reliable schedule performance and project monitoring
  • Assembly line productivity improvement
  • Design coordination and preparation of drafts, plans, and specifications
  • Provide recommendations for suppliers and supply monitoring
  • Effective management tools and maintenance of the relevant documentation
  • Complete solution management: design, installation, equipment set-up, and user training
  • Preparation of contract documents and evaluation of tenders for industrial construction or maintenance
  • Supervision of technicians, technologists, and other engineers and review and approval of designs, calculations, and cost estimates.
  • Maintenance of deadlines for design and plant requirements as well as technical expertise in part feasibility, tooling concepts, and completed designs

Our customers can count on MOD Engineering in delivering complete projects from budget management to FEA and design certifications in compliance with industry standards.