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Solid modeling, mechanical design consultancy

Solid modeling, mechanical design consultancy.

The company MOD Engineering, located in Chisinau, capital of Moldova, is a bureau of engineering technology, operating in the field of mechanical design and provides specialized management consultancy.

Characteristics that distinguish MOD Engineering Company in this sector are professionalism and competence.
MOD Engineering was founded in 2012 and is the result of fifteen years of consolidated experience of cpi-rom in designing marine engines, aviation, industrial and mechanical transmissions.

MOD Engineering acquires and shares synergistically by cpi-eng, highly specialized know-how and team.
Activating with seriousness and professionalism, the Company offers a high quality standard, becoming in this way, the proof guarantee for the customer.

MOD Engineering boasts a team of ten engineers, under the supervision and support of staff resulting structural cpi-rom.

The product of this cooperation allowed MOD ha Engineering to compete both economically and in terms of quality.
For Client MOD Engineering is a reliable partner for success in their projects, accompanying and supporting it with the utmost professionalism and preparedness.

The main objective of the company MOD Engineering is to respond promptly and effectively to the challenges posed by the customer.

This is possible thanks to extensive(deep) knowledge regarding 3D parametric solid modeling tools, providing the design, technical solutions defined high quality.

Thanks to Moldovan high innovative technologies in the field of telecommunications, our Company works with lucreaza cu o conexiune cu banda larga (fibra 1000/1000) (fiber 1000/1000) which allows to provide a rapid response to Costumer in any part of Europe.

The founders chose Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, as appears to be an economically and geographically strategic key between the capitals of the European continent, available in short time and low cost.

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