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cpi-eng srl
Cpi-eng, the Italian office of design in the field of mechanical engineering and MOD Engineering, through mutual partnership, made possible this development of the company. The project is based on a synergistic cooperation between the two realities, with the aim of appealing in reciprocally, to the technical and organizational knowledge and skills acquired over the years. This thing enables the optimization of the quality of the work done by 40 draftsmen, which transpose to reality the success of this project. The aim of cpi-eng and MOD Engineering is to become a loyal partner for the Companies that intend to develop more or less complex components outside their own structure. MOD Engineering exempts the Customer from eventual hassles design, by assuming full care for the project beginning with the first stage, the research and consultancy, until the prototype realization.

Università tecnica di Moldova
Chisinau city, besides being the active location of business, has another advantage: the presence of Technical University of Moldova, a fresh and dynamic issue of new resources. MOD Engineering acquired also, from cpi-eng the responsiveness to offering a work opportunity for the new generation of designers, with the aim of potentiating skills and acquiring innovative techniques that will enable the company to become the best trained and competitive in the field.

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